4 predictions about crypto for 2019

So far, 2018 has been a wild ride for crypto leading to uncertainty, concern and an overall bad mood regarding things as diverse as questions about regulation, ethereum scaling problems and the SEC delaying decision-making about ETFs.

But, as Christina Comben writes at The Merkle, “If there’s anything we know about this crazy space, it’s that the situation can turn on a dime.” So, what might 2019 bring us that 2018 failed to deliver? Comben has collated a number of interesting predictions about what the crypto or blockchain market will look like next year.

The year of the security token

The SEC appears to see tokens as ‘securities’ so more platforms will take no chances and opt for a Security Token Offering (STO) instead of an ICO. “The advent of security tokens in 2019 will be a big game changer, it will do to the traditional VC industry what email did to the post office,” says Vellum Capital CEO and managing partner, Eric Kovalak.

More decentralised exchanges
Decentralised exchanges are still struggling to gain traction due to transaction limitations and a poor user experience, but that may all change in 2019 and they will provide added security, a big seller given the points of failure in centralised exchanges.

The arrival of institutional investors

Regulations will be established and this will encourage the institutions to enter the market. This should crate a major explosion in the cryptocurrency space and it is likely that ETFs and BTC Futures will be most attractive.

Solving the scaling problem

Dhruv Bansal, CSO and Co-founder of Unchained Capital believes that scaling solutions will be front and centre in 2019. He said: “Ethereum’s Plasma project has not yet launched but a new paper by lead developers Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon suggests much progress has been made on the structure and design of Ethereum’s answer to the Lightning Network.” This is very important as ethereum’s lack of scaling is the cause of much discontent.

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