Could you earn $100,000 for watching films?

OK, there is a catch – you have to watch porn films! Pornhub has become the first company to pay users for watching adult content. And, in a recent milestone moment, the firm paid out $10,000 to one user for the one million films that person had watched over the years.

The Merkle reported this extraordinary piece of news this week to highlight the success of Pornhub as well as the adult entertainment interest generally online. And if you’re wondering why that is, then you need to know that Pornhub in particular is interested in cryptocurrencies and the use of tokens to reward users, like the VICE token used by the headline-capturing Stormy Daniels on her website and several others.

Furthermore, it appears that the next person to reach the ‘one million films’ mark will get $100,000 from Pornhub. Quite why they are upping the payout tenfold is not clear, but if it incentivises more people to consume Pornhub’s content it makes good business sense.

It’s possible that other adult content providers will follow in Pornhub’s footsteps. Basicaly the company has raised the bar for all its competitors, after all who wouldn’t want to get paid to watch a few films – nobody will know if you fall asleep after the first five minutes.

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