Ethereum may have its scaling solution

More good news on the ethereum front: Vlad Zamfir, one of ethereum’s creators, has announced that it is one step closer to sharding its blockchain.

Sharding is a way of alleviating the strain of a growing network by breaking the blockchain up into smaller units, called shards. Scaling is an issue that the ethereum blockchain has been trying to deal with effectively for a while and Zamfir announced at a the EthBerlin hackathon that he has coded up a successful proof-of-concept that demonstrates how different ethereum shards may be able to someday communicate on the blockchain.

Vitalek Buterin and other ethereum developers are also working on sharding as part of the platform’s roadmap, but it may take up to two years before it is ready to be used.

Zamfir, when speaking to Coindesk, confirmed that the proof-of-concept is “not even close” to being production-ready, but nevertheless he believes it contains code that will be fundamental to its deployment on ethereum. He said: “We’re still working on the integration but check back in a week and it should be something where we have instructions and you can follow the instructions and get it running on your computer.”

Zamfir and Buterin have different views on sharding and on ways to solve ethereum’s scaling issues. “I consider the core of sharding to be a cross-shard message or a cross-shard consistency problem,” Zamfir told CoinDesk. “Vitalik thinks of it as sharding of availability, validity and execution of the state. I have a different perspective than Vitalik does of consensus protocols and therefore also sharding.”

Zamfir is also focused on “correct-by-construction” research, saying: “For me, it’s all trying to use the correct-by-construction methodology and all of my sharding stuff is very much squarely within that framework.”

He is also keen to solve what he believes are the hardest problems first, which sounds like a sensible idea.

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