Get your Lendo blockchain wallet!

Tomorrow, Lendo’s CEO, David Honeyman, will talk at a webinar about Lendo’s mobile wallet app that will allow users to store Lendo’s ELT token and ETH on the blockchain. It provides users with a secure way to manage and exchange their crypto assets via its single easy-to-use app.

In addition to giving webinar attendees exclusive pre-launch access to the Lendo blockchain wallet app, he will also be talking about

Crypto Loan Platform (insider loan system preview)
Loan Priority List (access our priority list before the public)
Crypto Credit Cards (limited promo offer to webinar attendees)

Initially the cryptocurrency wallet will only be available on Android devices, but an iOS version is coming soon.

The crypto wallet enables you to securely buy and store your crypto funds, transfer them and spend them, and you can exchange ELT, ETH, BTC etc for fiat currencies or other digital tokens. At its launch the wallet will only handle ELT, Lendo’s own token, and ETH, but other cryptocurrencies and tokens will be added in the future.

If you store your tokens on an exchange, then it’s time to consider moving them to Lendo’s blockchain wallet, because although you do have a wallet on an exchange you don’t have the public and private keys that add another layer of security. And, here’s another important factor – if you’re keen on investing in ICOs then you will need a personal wallet to buy tokens.

The Lendo blockchain wallet is just a first step. There will be a web version in the near future, and ultimately the wallet will connect to the Lendo merchant system, which means you can spend funds in your wallet at merchant websites that are members of Lendo.

Discover the Lendo blockchain wallet on Weds 13th June!
You can find out more about the Lendo blockchain wallet on Wednesday 13th June at 08:00 East Coast ET/ 13:00 London GMT /14:00 CET/20:00 Singapore SGT. This is followed by the launch of a fantastic Airdrop campaign where you can potentially get thousands of FREE ELT tokens.

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