Has the fizz gone out of fintech jobs?

“I work in fintech” once sounded glamorous, but in a very short time, those techies who thought they’d entered an exciting environment have discovered that it has turned out to be more ”fin” than “tech” and that signals – boring!

As the fintech sector has matured, bringing with it a host of regulations we have moved from it being an industry “where moving fast and breaking things is not so much the route to success as the route to legal trouble,” says Daniel Davies at efinancialcareers.com.

Where fintech was a disruptor, it is now going mainstream and that isn’t so appealing to the employees who moved into the sphere in order to avoid the big corporate experience. It also means that if you’re looking for a job in fintech, you can expect firms to be organised along more traditional, and some argues stable, infrastructure.

Job titles return to tradition
Davies gives an excellent example of this taken from the way fintechs are now recruiting. He says: “While Crowdfunder is still looking for a “Marketing Genius” in its careers page, the somewhat more mature Crowdcube is looking for a ‘Head of PR’.” In other words the labels are retreating back into the ‘established’ status quo. Fintechs are also looking for data protection officers, financial analysts and compliance officers. What happened to the rock stars and ninjas of 2016 and 2017?

Managers are back!
The truth is that as small startups grow they need to be managed and that apparently means that the ‘middle manager’, a status that always sounds profoundly dull, is emerging in fintech companies. Their roles will have the ‘manager’ in them, rather than ‘Imagineer’.

Some see it as fintech growing up, while others are likely to see it as giving up. The adherence to the business model will attract those who have always sought a more traditional environment, and it will send those who see it as a sell-out will look for the next new sector looking for ninjas.

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