“Houston, we have lift off!” Lendo team celebrates launch

At 14:00 BST/15:00 CET today, Lendo successfully launched its pre-ICO and brought conventional lending into a whole new era on the blockchain.

London’s hottest Fintech startup team worked feverishly through the night to ensure that when the moment came, its thousands of community members were able to purchase ELT tokens at the amazing starting price of €0.10 cents.

This is a breakthrough moment in the financial services industry, because there is no other blockchain platform offering the same wealth of services as Lendo. Yes, there are peer-to-peer lending schemes, but these have some limitations due to the fact that they only match borrowers with other community members willing and able to lend the fiat currency.

By contrast, Lendo is using licensed UK loan companies that have the funds available to ensure almost instantaneous loans in fiat against a borrower’s crypto collateral. It makes a big difference for borrowers.

Furthermore, Lendo has a roadmap that takes its community on an even greater adventure; one that will ultimately provide a global cryptobanking ecosystem that includes smart wallets, credit card, merchant payment system and a trading exchange.

Lendo has already been praised by several sources.

“Lendo is very uniquely positioned as it’s the first-ever lending ecosystem based on a blockchain and cryptocurrency—and the best part is that this network has a global reach. That’s why it makes much sense for investors to join this ICO sale.” – ICOtokennews.com

“Naturally any tech ecosystem, be that the emerging crypto one or the age-old example of Silicon Valley, needs to attract innovative companies that typify the energy and potential of such a tech hub. One such company relocating to Gibraltar is Lendo…and Lendo’s platform looks set to bridge the gap between the crypto community and the mainstream world.”“Lendo epitomises emergence of Gibraltar as a blockchain country” by Monty Munford in Forbes.com

“Lendo’s genius is the exclusive link it will create between both worlds. The London based fintech is about to remove the ‘us and them’, boosting the value of cryptocurrency by making it work in our traditional financial markets.” – Business Insider

The Lendo team will be keeping you updated on our progress. If you’re not already a Lendo community member, sign up at Lendo now!

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