It’s a big week for Lendo

June has arrived, summer is here and Lendo is staying on target with its road map.

Launch of digital wallet mobile app

In the Commercial white paper, we said that Lendo would release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in Q2 2018. And that is what it’s doing. This week will see the launch of its mobile app that will allow users to store Lendo’s ELT token and ETH on the blockchain. It provides users with a secure way to manage and exchange their crypto assets via a single easy-to-use app. The wallet is initially only available for Android users, but iOS will follow shortly.

A Lendo Webinar is coming soon!

There will also be an announcement regarding a webinar where current ELT holders and those interested in participating in the Lendo ICO can find out more about the development of the platform, the progress that has been made. It’s an opportunity to hear from the management team about the hard work they have been doing to ensure that Lendo keeps to its roadmap and there should be time for audience questions, so get them ready now.

The Lendo digital wallet

The digital wallet mobile app will also have a web format available, and we hope this will come not too long after the launch of the mobile wallet. The wallet has been designed using state-of-the-art cryptography for maximum security and will not only store crypto assets, starting with ETH and ELT, although other currencies and tokens will be added in the future, but will also be connected to the Lendo card system when it launches.

The wallet will be instantly accessible once a person registers as a user and completes the KYC process in the Lendo system. Once a user has assets in the digital wallet, they can be securely stored, transferred, or spent via the wallet app, the card system or exchanged for both digital and fiat currencies. Eventually, digital wallet to digital wallet transactions will also be connected to the Lendo merchant system, which means that merchants who are Lendo clients will be able to use our system to accept payments in multiple currencies.

Check out for all the information you need about Lendo and its ICO, which is ongoing now.

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