Lendo adds major utility to ELT with bond investment offer

Lendo’s team has always sought to increase the utility of its ELT token. Now it has taken a major step forward in this respect with ELT being accepted for partial payment of an investment in an asset-backed bond.

A UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered financial service company is issuing the bond. It will allow ELT owners to invest their ELT in investment bonds with fixed interest rates. The asset-backed element of the bond refers to the company’s car leasing and loans service. This is a secure, low-risk market that ELT owners can have confidence in. Although, as always we recommend you do your own research and consult a financial advisor for confirmation of the benefits of this investment.

There are several benefits for ELT owners. One is the fact that the bond issuer is willing to accept ELT as partial payment for the bond. Secondly, it is less expensive for ELT owners to invest, simply because you do not have to pay the full amount of the bond investment in Euros and the bond issuer is willing to accept ELT at the rate of €1 per ELT.

For example, an ELT owner investing €10,000 in the 3 year term bond will only have to invest €8,000 with the balance paid in ELT, but the issuer will pay the full amount of the interest return in Euros. As you can see, this gives ELT owners a distinct advantage over investors who don’t own ELT and have to put in the full amount in Euros.

This is an exciting moment for ELT owners, because it is just the first step towards giving ELT significant buying power in the financial marketplace. We are working to bring you even more opportunities like this that will increase the utility of ELT even more.

To find out more information about this asset-backed bond, click on this link and sign up.

Capital at risk: Please note that no investment is free of risk and bonds are no different. Your capital may be at risk and this offer is only open to accredited HNWI or sophisticated investors. Further details of investor qualification requirements will be supplied when requesting the bond prospectus.

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