Lendo card solves Visa problems

On the first day of June, millions of people in the UK and Europe suddenly found that their Visa cards didn’t work. Visa processes in excess of 150 million transactions daily, so you can imagine the chaos and confusion that emerged when the system went down. Reports on the UK news and images on Twitter accounts showed customers having to leave all their shopping behind in supermarkets, retail sales virtually came to a halt in London, because barely anyone uses cash there, and angry queues formed outside banks as customers discovered their cards wouldn’t work at the ATM.

Some hours later, the problem was solved, but for many it highlighted the need to turn to a decentralised and stable alternative system where this kind of ‘outage’ simply wouldn’t happen.

Lendo card is your solution
Enter the Lendo crypto credit/debit card. It offers a comprehensive solution for storing, paying or managing cryptocurrency.

Lendo makes several types of blockchain assets such as cryptocurrencies and its own ELT tokens spendable in real time when using the Lendo credit card, and it is just as easy as using either a conventional Visa debit or credit card.

And, Lendo has already established a global method to distribute and operate a card system that covers most countries around the globe. This system will make banking and financial services accessible and affordable to everyone.

The Lendo card will connect to our smart wallet that allows storage of Lendo ELT tokens, ETH, BTC and LTC. We will also add other currencies and tokens in the future. You can access funds via the Lendo Visa or Mastercard at any place where Visa or Mastercard is accepted – meanwhile your crypto coins are safely stored in your crypto wallet at Lendo.

Furthermore, our system is tailor-made for the secure storage of blockchain assets and makes it easy to spend the funds as you wish. Your tokens and coins will be accessible 24/7 at any location that accepts Visa or Mastercard

Apply for a Lendo credit card
Register for the Lendo webinar on Wednesday 13th June at 13:00 GMT and you will have an opportunity to receive a special promotional offer for the Lendo.

When you have a Lendo credit card any Visa problems will be a thing of the past!

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