Lendo fans clamour for cards and priority loans

When Lendo invited members to pre-order the Lendo credit/debit card and register for a priority loan, we didn’t anticipate that the response would be so overwhelming.

Considering the invitation was made less than two weeks ago, the number of applications has been remarkable.

To date, almost 3,000 people have pre-ordered the Lendo credit/debit card, and loan requests with a value in excess of €13 million are now on the priority loan list.

Neither the cards nor the lending platform are available just yet, but the advance demand for them when they appear later this year is a sure sign that people support the concept and that it has a real world use for them.

We’d also like to point out that applying for the credit card and the priority loan does not oblige you to use them, but if you haven’t signed up at Lendo already, if you do it now and fill in your credit card and loan application, Lendo will give you 50 ELT FREE.

All you have to do is go to the ICO tab at lendo.io and REGISTER then fill in the credit card and priority loan application forms, which are simple and easy-to-use.

Remember – bonus ELT airdrop finishes on 15th July.

The post-webinar airdrop finishes on 15th July. New members get 50 ELT and existing members also get 50 ELT when they sign up for a Priority Loan and a Credit Card. Signing up doesn’t oblige you to use either of them!

We’d just like to say a big thanks to everyone who has registered already – you’re the reason we keep doing what we do, and we want to make Lendo a success for you.

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