Lendo is poised to cater to huge fintech demand in Asia

Fintech is surging in Asia and with Lendo trademarked in Singapore it is well positioned to make the most of this massive consumer market.

Furthermore, the recently published EY Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019 shows that in just two years fintech adoption among Singapore consumers has almost tripled.

We’ve been following trends in the Singapore market and across the Asia-Pacific region to keep our supporters up-to-date about the potential for growth it offers Lendo when it launches.

In case you’ve missed any of our articles about the varied ways in which fintech platforms are innovating in this important region, you can read the first of them at the links that follow:

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This is a thriving fintech market and Lendo is working hard to maximise the opportunities that exist there to build the Lendo brand once we launch.

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