Lendo makes its token sale more accessible

Why would a token sale change its price structure mid-ICO?
In the video that follows, Lendo’s CEO David Honeyman explains the new token sale price structure and why Lendo made the decision to change from a structure based on steeper price rises during the ICO to one that is gentler and which takes account of market conditions as well as feedback from Lendo’s community and its major investors.

As he says, Lendo is showing dynamic growth in a very strong space of the new, blockchain-based finance sector. Some of the main points he makes in the video include:

•There are more companies following Lendo’s ‘cash for crypto collateral’ model and we think that’s good, because it’s a sign of a strong, vibrant and competitive market.
•Lendo is seeing huge demand for its services, with 60,000+ credit card applications and €150 million in loan requests already.
•Why Lendo has re-structured its token pricing to adapt to market conditions, which are very different in 2018 to those we saw in 2017.

David also points out that the market is currently in a transitional phase and that while people may not be seeing the skyrocketing prices of 2017, the current price charts show gentler rises and falls, which Lendo views as a positive thing for the market and a move towards greater overall stability and sanity.

But, without further ado – listen to what David Honeyman has to say about Lendo’s token prices and why it gives you, the investor, much more choice and promises greater long-term sustainability for the business and its community.

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