Lendo reaches end-of-ICO milestone

The Lendo team want to share their excitement with you at reaching the final day of the ICO. We’re delighted that you’ve been on this journey with us so far, and we hope you’ll continue to stay with us, because there are even bigger things to come.

What happens next?
First, please make sure you have done your KYC at lendo.io and whitelisted your wallet. By doing this, you’ll be first in line when the tokens are released.
Second, the team has talked to a number of major exchanges about listing our ELT token. We expect that finalising the negotiations with the exchanges and preparing the distribution of the tokens will take us until January, as we mentioned in earlier newsletters.

Building utility for ELT owners
Once ELT is listed, we’re confident that trading in it will grow quickly, especially as the team has worked hard to build the token’s utility. In October we announced our forthcoming joint venture with UK wealth managers Lloyd Cavendish and hope to have many more positive partnerships agreed by the time ELT is listed on an exchange.

There will be more important announcements to come over the next few weeks – so stay tuned!
And, we’d all just like to say a massive thank you for your support!

With warmest wishes
The Lendo Team

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