Lendo says ‘Yes’ to credit card payments and bank transfers

The team at Lendo always takes the time to listen to its community, its major investors and its sales and marketing team. We’re working in a fast changing environment and what worked last year, or even last month, may not meet the needs of the market today.

That’s why, in addition to introducing a new pricing structure for its token sale for the rest of its ICO, it has also introduced two new methods of payment: credit cards and bank transfers.

Previously, members buying Lendo’s ELT token were restricted to paying via their ICO wallet or an external wallet, but after discussing this with existing members and potential investors, we have added the credit card and bank transfer options so that you can pay for your ELT with fiat currencies.

This means that those of you who don’t already own any cryptocurrencies don’t have to go through the process of setting up digital wallets just to buy ELT tokens and participate in a fintech start-up that is going from strength to strength and where the demand for Lendo’s services has already exceeded expectations.

In the video that follows, Paul Lowin, Lendo’s Business Development Director, takes you through the step-by-step process for using both these new payment methods.

As you will see, we’ve made them both very easy to use!

Lendo’s new token price structure
And one other thing before you watch the payments video: Lendo’s ELT token is still at €0.40 until 5th September. We’ve completely revised the token price structure for the rest of the ICO. Check it out – and watch our CEO explain it here.

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