Lendo starts out on Asia conference tour 2018

Exciting news for the Lendo community! Today, Lendo’s CEO, David Honeyman and Marketing Director, Mark Snowdon, started a whirlwind tour of Asia to take the Lendo vision to the Asian business community.

The Lendo team was invited by some of Asia’s top blockchain-related business leaders to speak at a series of summit meetings and conferences in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is extremely encouraging, and a great honour, to have been invited and it is a testament to the strength of Lendo’s proposition, as not every Fintech startup gets invited to these high-level meetings.

David and Mark are currently in the air on their way to their first stop — Beijing — where they have a series of meetings planned. We’ll be bringing you updates as they continue their tour.

This is a new leg of the Lendo journey and with Asia being so pro-blockchain, we are all hopeful that it will be very successful.

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