Lendo to launch Exclusive Bonus System

On 27th July at 4pm CEST, Lendo’s Global Sales Director Frank van Zon is hosting a webinar that will introduce the crypto community to a brand new and super exciting Exclusive Bonus System.

Prior to this the Lendo community received bonuses in the form of traditional airdrop campaigns and a simple referral bonus system in which members received a set number of tokens for each new member they introduced.

Members can earn up to 250,000€

Now, with this completely revised system, members could earn up to 250,000€. Lendo members will have the option of choosing to get bonus tokens for each referral, or receive commissions that increase according to the number of new members referred and each participant will have the opportunity to develop their own personal Lendo community.

As Frank will point out, when more people who join the community and purchase ELT tokens, the chances of the ELT token increasing in value also rises. So, everyone benefits – it’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Join the webinar on 27th July

You can register now for the Lendo webinar on 27th July at 4pm/16:00 CEST and find out how you can earn bigger bonuses with Lendo – it could be exactly the life-changing event you’ve been looking for!

Here’s your link to the webinar registration – sign up now!

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