Lendo’s Behind the Scenes Showcase!

Lendo’s webinar on Wednesday 13th June drew in an overwhelmingly large audience: so big in fact that we had to keep extending the numbers that could attend.

ELT CryptoBank app is on Google Play Store!

Lendo’s CEO David Honeyman kicked off proceedings with a presentation of the new Lendo wallet mobile app. He demonstrated how easy it is to use the mobile app, which you can already download at Google’s Play Store if you search for ELT CryptoBank. As he explained, only an Android version is available at the moment, but the iOS will come soon. Please remember that in order to have funds available on the mobile app, you will have to register at Lendo.io first and transfer funds from your Lendo account. This function isn’t available immediately, but as David told the audience, download the mobile wallet now and then you’ll be ready to go when it is fully operational.

Lendo Priority Loans

Paul Lowin, Lendo’s Director Business Development, took us on an instructive journey through the Lendo Platform demo site. He explained the loan process in detail using a dummy account where the borrower wanted 8,000€. By the way, the minimum amount you can request for a loan is 1,000€ and the current maximum loan amount is 50,000€.

The level of detailed information available in the loans area of the platform is truly impressive and extremely transparent. Every aspect of the loan is displayed in an easy-to-follow layout, including graphs showing you how the LTV ratio of your loan decreases as you pay it off and/or as the value of your crypto collateral rises and falls with the market.

Lendo’s community power

David also discussed the importance of the Lendo community in the development of the platform. The community plays a critical role in Lendo’s negotiations with large investors, as growth in numbers indicates the level of demand for the project and its products.

That’s why every member of the Lendo community is a valued member, which is why every registered member who attended the webinar was given 50 ELT just for being there.

Growing the Lendo community

Then it was the turn of Mark Snowdon, Lendo’s Marketing Director, to talk about growing the community. He took us through the sign-up process for both the credit/debit cards when they launch at the beginning of 2019, and registering for a loan. However, anyone who registered straight after the webinar today also qualified for a free 50 ELT.

Please note, that when you register for a loan, or a credit card you are not obliged to use either of them.

Mark also showed how existing members could also get 50 ELT by going to the ICO dashboard, clicking on Platform and applying for the priority loan and credit card.

He finished by showing members how they can boost their ELT by promoting Lendo to their friends. All you have to do is go to the ICO dashboard again and click on Referrals. You will receive a link to share with friends and every time one registers with Lendo, you receive 5 ELT, plus 10% commission every time any of your referrals buy ELT.

Lendo’s major announcements

A new HQ in Singapore

We’d also promised everyone who attended the webinar that there would be some major announcements, which David Honeyman revealed at the end of the presentation. The first is that Lendo has registered as a company in Singapore. Placing the HQ in this crypto-friendly hub is an important part of Lendo’s strategy to become a global company. Amongst the reasons for making this move, are the fact that Singapore plays a critical role in the emerging blockchain market, its government is considering tokenising the Singapore dollar and Asia is already a significantly large market in the crypto economy and provides many opportunities to bring in new capital.

Listing on the London Stock Exchange

And the other announcement was that Lendo has engaged a company to help with getting Lendo listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is estimated that this will happen approximately to months after the ICO closes in October this year. As David explained in the Telegram community after the webinar, why the listing strategy moved to London’s Stock Exchange: “There are a few regulatory hitches in Gibraltar, which makes it difficult to complete the licensing and listing process while an ICO is still live. That applies to every company, not just to Lendo.” Also, has he explained, Lendo sees an exciting future for mainstream investment in crypto and being listed in London will support that. But, we’ll update you about all that soon.

We’d just like to say a big thanks to everyone who attended and made the webinar such a success and ask you to join Lendo’s Telegram Community where you can STAY INFORMED about all Lendo developments.

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