Lendo’s Weekly Bonus Webinars

Frank van Zon, Lendo’s Global Director of Sales is hosting a special webinar every Monday at 20:00 CEST and Tuesday at 16:00 CEST for the next few weeks where he will be explaining the very exciting LENDO BONUS REWARDS SYSTEM.

It’s a unique opportunity, designed for you by Lendo, to help maximise your return on investment (ROI). If you already have a personal back office at Lendo, you’ll now see a new feature when you sign in: it offers you a choice between the default setting where you get 10% bonus tokens for every new member you bring to Lendo, or you can choose to participate in the brand new ‘referral reward bonus system’ where you will receive commissions for referrals.

Whichever setting you choose, the aim is always to increase the value of the ELT token. This benefits you and the rest of the 115,000-strong community that Lendo has built up over the last few months.

And the beauty of the new addition to the Lendo rewards system is that you will still get bonus tokens if one of the people you refer to Lendo only signs up for the FREE tokens offered if they pre-register for a Priority Loan and a credit card.

Don’t forget – the bigger the Lendo community and the greater the number of credit card and loan applications, the more you are helping to increase Lendo’s company valuation and market value. Joining in the community effort to increase the numbers ultimately helps you and everyone else who has invested in ELT.

To find out all the details, join the webinar – remember it is every Monday at 20:00 CEST and Tuesday at 16:00 CEST. Here are the links:
Monday webinar
Tuesday webinar 

New ICO timeline
We’d also like to update you about a small change to the ICO timeline. Phase 2 has been extended to 28th August, which means the ELT token price still stands at €0.40. You can see all the information about the timeline on your Lendo dashboard when you sign in. We’d suggest you check in with the dashboard regularly so that you don’t miss any important announcements. We always post them in our social media channels as well, but it’s best to sign in to the Lendo website, because the most up-to-date information is there.

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