Pigzbe – crypto for kids!

Efforts to get children and young people interested in cryptocurrencies are on the move. Called ‘Pigzbe’ it is one of the latest projects working towards mass adoption of crypto and its wallet is just for the young.

Its name refers to the traditional ‘piggy bank’ for kids; an item from childhood that encourages children to save. Although it comes in many more formats than a china pig these days, the name lingers on and is now it seems transitioning into becoming a crypto piggy bank.

Some commentators suggest that Bitcoin is the perfect tool for teaching children the “true meaning of money,” as reported in The Merkle, but it does need ot be more child-friendly.

The Swiss-based firm behind Pigzbe calls it a digital piggy-wallet and it is powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency. The firm believes that children and parents have been overlooked by the crypto community and hopes its project will correct that.

This new cryptocurrency wallet has some interesting features for parents to explore as well. Most households still give children a weekly or monthly allowance with the aim of teaching kids the value of money. Several solutions exist in this regard, including cash, prepaid debit cards, and mobile top-ups. Now it is cryptocurrency’s turn.

Wollo – a child-friendly cryptocurrency

Pigzbe hopes to overcome the problems for children posed by traditional financial institutions and at the same time provide a wallet with new features, plus a games element. Pigzbe doesn’t work with Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies. Instead, it uses its native Wollo currency, which children can collect by playing finance-oriented games.

A crypto payment card for kids

It is the Wollo that will appreciate in value and be useful to pay for things when using the Pigzbe payment card that should launch at the end of 2018 or early 2019. Wollo will have a fixed supply and can be traded on the Stellar Distributed Exchange, which will open up a lot of exciting opportunities for this project.

How successful it will be is an unknown, but it is an interesting development and a positive one from the point of view of expanding knowledge of cryptocurrency to future generations. Especially as they are the citizens who will probably find blockchain in every part of their daily lives.

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