ICO Information

Lendo Is…

A blockchain platform that enables UK lenders to provide loans secured against crypto assets – anywhere in the world!

An added value ecosystem that includes:

  • Global Exchange
  • Credit Cards (Visa & MasterCard)
  • Wallet System
  • E-Wallet
  • Lendo Token Eco-System
  • Merchant System
  • Crypto Banking and Financial Services
  • Token Loyalty Program

Lenders in the network will be able to grow their market share worldwide using secure blockchain technology.

Borrowers will be able to access speedy loans in fiat currencies against their crypto assets without going through credit checks.

The Lendo ICO

  • The Lendo ICO will run from March 2018 until November 2018.
  • The Lendo ICO will issue 1.2 billion Ethereum Lendo Tokens (ELT). The supply is locked.
  • The ELT Token is organised around a smart contract running on the Ethereum blockchain using standard ERC223.
  • The ICO is structured in 6 phases. The price per token is different in each phase of the ICO.

The Lendo ICO Business Model

  • Purchasers will puchase Lendo tokens with fiat and cryptocurrency. All the customary bounty deals and incentives will apply as appropriate.
  • The Lendo tokens are issued via Ethereum smart contracts and will potentially increase in value once the ICO closes and the tokens are listed on exchanges.
  • Lendo will provide conventional lenders in the Lendo network with the software protocols and expertise that will enable them to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin cryptocurrencies as collateral, with more altcoins added in the future.

How Lendo makes money

  • Lendo receives a percentage of the loan interest that the lender charges to the borrower.
  • Lendo builds a growing network of lenders who will pay a monthly fee for the software services.
  • Lendo will make a margin on exchange platform trades.
  • Lendo will charge a small loan arrangement fee to borrowers.
  • Lendo will charge vault fees (in ELT) and credit/debit fees from all its users.

Why you should join Lendo

  • Borrowers will use Lendo network lenders because they don’t want to dip into their long-term investment in crypto assets for a short-term loan and get priced out of the crypto market.
  • Lenders will join the network because it gives them access to a new swathe of borrowers with crypto assets who can be located anywhere in the world.
  • Lendo offers a complete ecosystem with Credit cards, smart wallet, digital exchange and merchant system that connects conventional banking services with cryptocurrency owners.

Listing the Lendo Token on Exchanges

Lendo is actively working towards an application for an initial listing on the GBX (Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange). We have taken this step because the GBX which is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange will shortly be fully regulated by the Gibraltar authorities. This will mean that the Lendo ICO is fully regulated in line with our policy of seeking maximum regulation.The process of becoming listed is exacting and there is no guarantee of a successful listing at this stage, however it is a primary focus for the team, so that when the ICO closes, token holders will be able to trade on a fully regulated exchange. It may be that other exchanges will wish to list the tokens also, and in the nature of the free market they are free to do so.

  • Fund Raiser
  • Reserve & Incentive Fund
  • Founders & Advisors
  • Bounty

Token Distribution and Allocation

Allocation of Funds

  • Lending Platform Capital
  • Operational Costs & Platform Development
  • Bounty & Referrals
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Founders & Advisors
  • Token Holders
  • Company

Token Holder Loyalty Bonus

The Lendo Vault (essential for any loan application) will only accept vault fees in ELT tokens. Existing token holders will receive 30% of the vault fees (in ELT) distributed quarterly and pro rata to the total number of tokens in circulation.

The total vault revenue in each accounting period will be certified by a Top 5 auditing company, such as KPMG or PWC.

Token owners will receive quarterly statements, signed by the Top 5 auditor. The bonus tokens will automatically be added to the token holder’s wallet.

Bounty and Referrals

During the ICO we will give out a bonus as a bounty and referral system to people who are contributing to the growth of the company.

Contributors will get a 10% fee for promoting Lendo and introducing token buyers to the ICO. That’s 10% of the amount the referred buyers bring to the ICO.

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