Regulatory processes impact on our roadmap goals

We realise that many of you are keen to see the virtual card product being rolled out according to the road map timelines we published recently. Some of our community have therefore been asking for updates on our delivery dates.

It’s important to understand that whilst the crypto currency community aims to liberalise, decentralise and democratise the world of financial services, the inevitable push back from the establishment has meant that regulation and scrutiny has increased wherever digital assets are involved.

As we are linking up with several major global card providers, we are still waiting to finalise multiple applications covering ‘Know Your Customer’, ‘Know Your Business’, ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ and General Due Diligence.
As a result, obtaining final authorisation to distribute our cards is dependent on the speed of the third parties issuing the licences.

We apologise for any delay, but we hope that you understand that our progress is largely in the hands of third parties. We thank you for your patience and for staying with Lendo as we move towards being operational.

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