Frank van Zon

Frank van Zon is the founder and chairman of a leading Internet Marketing/Consultancy/Strategy and Online Business Marketing organization based in Europe and in the United States that understands how to conduct effective online marketing to a global audience. During his career he has been a highly regarded consultant to businesses and individuals who want to increase the ROI on their Internet marketing activities.

Frank has been engaged with blockchain and cryptocurrencies almost since the new technology emerged and in recent years has provided his global marketing expertise to a number of blockchain-based projects, ensuring their success through the medium of digital marketing. He has honed his ‘crypto’ skill set by working with C-suite executives, and has both discovered and closed major new business prospects in this new technology sector as well as growing and managing existing key accounts.

Now Frank is bringing his result-oriented, problem-solving professionalism to Lendo as its Global Sales Director, one of the hottest fintech startups of 2018 and a blockchain platform that offers a life-changing product – cash loans in return for crypto collateral.