Swiss café uses Bitcoin Lightning Network

Real world cryptocurrency use stories are encouraging for its supporters. This one concerns a café in Bern, the Swiss capital, that is offering a ‘first of its kind’ service: customers can order items using bitcoin and the Lightning Network (LN). All customers have to do is ‘Scan, pay and pick up inside.’

EnergyKitchen is offering coffee, drinks and food items via an online shop and QR codes located outside its physical premises. It may be one of the simplest uses of LN for consumers, but it allows Bitcoin holders to pay directly using a Lightning Network-enabled wallet and collect in-store.

This is the result of a collaboration between energyKitchen’s Oliver Gugger and developers from local software development company Puzzle ITC. However, customers must have a Lightning-enabled wallet; you can’t pay with BTC without one. Contributing developer Gabriel Comte said: “Until all wallets will support lightning natively – you need a lightning wallet like eclair from (ACINQ). No on chain payments accepted.”

To follow this energyKitchen story, you can follow Oliver Gugger (@gugol) on Twitter, where you can shortly see demonstration videos of how it will work. Hopefully, it will inspire others to make crypto payments for everyday items more widely available. Then, before you know it, it will be as normal as paying with fiat.

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