Why Lendo is of value to you

You may ask yourself “Why should I get into the Lendo ICO?” That’s a sensible question and one that is answered by the Commercial and Technical whitepapers.

But, let’s give you a few ideas why the Lendo ICO is worth your attention, and your money.

First, there is Lendo’s strong and unique value proposition:

“Lendo is a lending platform which will allow licensed and regulated lenders to lend fiat currency against crypto collateral. The platform will provide loans, crypto asset trading, credit and debit cards and services, and merchant services. It will provide a complete banking ecosystem for crypto asset holders. “

It will be a complete system when everything is in place, and that is very important. It means, you won’t need multiple accounts, i.e. one for a loan, another for a debit/credit card, or yet another for trading.

It also repays you for your loyalty:

“In order to pay fees, all users of the Lendo platform use ELT. Each quarter Lendo will distribute 30% of all the fees collected, back to ELT holders in proportion to how much and how long they have held the ELT that quarter. The benefits are twofold:

· Firstly, holders get income each quarter

· Secondly the loyalty program provides downwards pressure on token sales, pinching the market at the supply side to drive up token value “

Plus, we’re really working hard to make sure that ELT is listed on at least one exchange and we’re already talking to the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). As the Technical whitepaper says:

“In order to use ELT in transactions in all of the above ways (crypto-loans, credit and debit cards, and merchant payments) ELT must be listed on at least one exchange. It is a high priority requirement that Lendo will seek the introduction of ELT into various crypto exchanges. “

Visit Lendo to find out the whole story — and register for the ICO while you are there. ELT tokens are priced at only €0.20 during this phase of the ICO.

Be part of our exciting Fintech startup — and strengthen your future finances. That’s a good reason to get into the Lendo ICO.

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