Why Lendo’s new token pricing structure does not affect the value the business

We’ve noted that some community members are concerned that the new token pricing structure could potentially lower the value of the business. We need to stress that the new structure is a carefully moderated response to a huge sea-change in the crypto space, designed to protect token holders and the company.

We want to reassure you that just because we have reduced the token end price from 2€ to 1€, this in no way halves the value of the business, and here is why:

•We have NOT halved the value of the business; we have halved the final selling price of the token, which is very different.

•A token will tend to find its own value on an exchange and many different market forces determine this. So, if you look at any token on the market, its current price will bear very little relationship to what the final selling price of the token was during the ICO. For example: if one person buys at 2€ and 1,000 people buy at 1€, then the price on the exchange will gravitate to where the largest purchasing volume is, not the final token price.

The real value of the business, will lie in where the token price moves to over an extended period of time and what the real operational side of the business achieves in its financial goals. Also important will be the long term utility adoption of the token.

We hope this puts everyone’s minds at rest. As always, we want to hear your concerns and will always endeavour to respond to them in a timely manner.

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